"Marketing is an interesting concept. How you choose to approach your marketing strategy could help or hurt your brand. As a media professional and brand strategist, my expertise is understanding what is working and what is not working then advise on an innovative and strategic mix to reach the end goal."


Why Ayanna?

"Ayanna is a visionary and a force to be reckoned with. My interaction and consultation with her was so genuine and authentic- which is rare. The focus was on the possibilities and innovation to bring my brand to it’s highest potential. I’m typically stubborn and not so open to other ideas, but during our consultation not only did she make my brand and I feel safe, she had this amazing ability to paint a picture and made me see my brand in a completely new light. I felt boxed in before our conversation and after, I was open and ready to work. She is without a shadow of a doubt my go-to brand architect. "

~Chelsea, Founder of GrandiVit.com

"About a year ago we reached out to Ayanna seeking assistance on how to grow our presence online and in our local community. Ayanna took time to get to know us as individuals and to learn about our company. Since implementing Ayanna's recommendations we have seen our followers on social media double and we have established more of a presence in our community via speaking engagements and community events."

~Kaii, Co-Founder of KMTWellness.com

"Working with Ayanna, she has a knack for perfecting brands. With careful attention to detail, she helped me find the proper direction with my growing career as a writer/blogger. With step by step instructions, I was able to build my media kit and learn the true art of networking. Ayanna has an eye for emerging talent and the steps they need to go in order to be successful. Her advice on her podcast, “Non-Corporate Girls”, is carefully thought out for your success in mind. In knowing her for 15 years, I trust her leadership and guidance."

~Justin, Writer/Blogger