Hey loves,

Cheers to a new year! Another 364 (since today is the 2nd) for us to go for our goals, overcome challenges and have an endless amount of possibilities occur. It definitely feels good to be back into a space I can call my own.

For those of you who have followed my tales and fashion challenges from my previous blog According to Yanni D, welcome back and for those who are new to my life tales (and all the ups and downs) welcome. My name is Ayanna, but many call me so many things it gets difficult to keep up. The fashion world knows me as Yanni, but I have totally evolved from my life being focused on all things fashion. Don't get me wrong the F word is still a huge part of who I am, but I wanted to take this time and space to open up more of my world to you. So if Ayanna gets too hard for you, feel free to call me Aya.

As mentioned before, things have changed in my life and I am off to a fresh new start and new direction to match. Through Aya's Life you can expect to see a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and a lot of girl boss initiatives along with tips and advice in between. I'm really excited to share this next chapter and I hope you are down for the ride.